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Haridwar – Hari ki paidi

It is a matter of truth, most worship rituals, fasting actions, is determined, determination is for the world, resolution is for some purpose. Not all of this is for God to achieve. All this is for the attainment of worldly pleasures. It is said that God meets devotion, and nothing is needed for devotion. The words of the great man are the foundation, the great man has the basis, after attaining the Sadhguru, he has to move forward. Every Sanatani has to think that Sanatan should not become a subject of mockery in future. Discrimination inside Sanatan has to be eradicated, Sanatan is only one, but today there are many, this is the biggest disease.


Every person tries to erase this disease by entering inside. A Sanatani can never harm someone unnecessarily. If we really consider this world to be the root of Sanatan, then we all have to understand it, not for ourselves, for Sanatan, we have to understand Sanatan, Sanatan Dharma system has to be understood.

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